How Optum ParentSteps Works
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ParentSteps provides affordable access to high quality fertililty clinics.Using ParentSteps is an easy five step process. Here is how it works:

  1. HealthAllies Access Validation

    First, you will need to sign in as a HealthAllies member.  This is to comply with various discount program state regulations (this is a one-time process).  HealthAllies Access Validation Instructions .

    You will receive a confirmation email that contains your membership number.  Be sure to save this number.

  2. Optum ParentSteps Registration

    The HealthAllies access validation process will direct you to the ParentSteps registration, which is a simple one page form. You will need a valid email account to register.

    Once your registration information is submitted, an email will be sent to you.  It will contain a password that allows direct logon access to the web site, using the username you selected.  

    Note: During your initial login, you will be requested to change your password.  

  3. Choose a Provider & Meet with Your Doctor

    ParentSteps registration allows you to view fertility clinics based on location.  You can view services offered and the ParentSteps preferred rates at all of our clinics.  Select a clinic to utilize within the ParentSteps site.  You can change clinics later if you want.  You will receive an email confirming your choice.

    Please contact your chosen clinic for a consultation appointment.  Mention that you are a UnitedHealth Allies member using the ParentSteps program when scheduling your consultation to ensure you get the preferred rate.

  4. Validate & Purchase Treatment Online

    If you and your doctor choose a treatment in which ParentSteps discounts apply, the provider will submit your proposed course of treatment to ParentSteps.  ParentSteps will alert you by email, that treatment has been assigned.  When you sign in to ParentSteps, we will post your treatment plan with a cost breakdown for your review.  

    If you believe the treatment plan is incorrect, you will need to contact your doctor directly and ask for the treatment plan to be updated.  If it is correct, you have two payment options: cashiers check or credit card.  We do not accept debit cards.  If you pay by cashiers check, follow the steps on your account. However, if you choose to pay by credit card, please contact us at (877)801-3507 to ensure secure payment processing. 

    Once this payment has been confirmed, ParentSteps will then notify your provider that payment has been received.

  5. Treatment in Progress

    While you are working with your doctor and receiving treatments, you will not need to update ParentSteps. However, you can visit any time to access educational information or review your treatment, payment or account information.

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